How to Eliminate Fur Foot and Hand Natural

Fur leg for a man is a sign of virility, but some are not like to have fur. It may feel uncomfortable in the presence of feathers. If the first leg of my friends told me that his name did not have fur leg “table”, table legs because it does not have feathers, indeed it’s been so they say.

For men who have sex disorders as a “sissy”, usually do not want the legs and hands. Probably because he wanted to as closely as possible with the girls. Most of the girls did not have feathers on the feet and hands, even though there are one or two girls have fur. Said the girl had feathers on the feet and hands is a sexy girl. But if the girl had feathers, fur certainly fine, no long-term such as fur leg man, I can not imagine if fur such as fur leg man.

Legs and arms can be removed in several ways from free to paid ways. Hair Removal feet and hands were missing that there are two kinds of temporarily and permanently lost. Who wish to remove their feathers usually have all lost permanently let ngak growing again at a later time.

In heru blog article this time will give way to remove the hair legs naturally and certainly do not spend a lot of money. Below is how:

Materials – materials needed:

-Only a few grains of pepper
-Camphor or camphor taste, and
-Only a few drops of kerosene.

How life:

-Tumbuklah pepper and camphor until smooth, if it is really smooth and then mixing them with a few drops of oil and mix until evenly distributed.
-Then apply on the feet and hands were covered with feathers evenly. By using this method legs and arms will fall off by itself.

Another way:

1. Dampen with water Warm Feet
Wet your feet in warm water first so that the pores open. Use shaving cream or conditioner to hair rubbed into the feet, legs useless to prevent skin irritation and facilitate ter legs elevated.

2. Cukurlah from the Bottom to the Top Foot
To let sempurana shave technique, cukurlah legs opposite direction of the growth of the razor from the bottom up.

3. Should Razor Sharp
Use a new razor, do not use a blunt razor as it can harm your skin. In addition, the results were less than the maximum.

4. soybean
Soy contains phytoestrogens are known, where these substances work like estrogen. The hormone estrogen can inhibit testosterone, which made ​​the hairs do not grow quickly. Therefore, if you want hair does not grow, consume soy is a good choice.